7 Day Cleanse

7 Day Cleanse

So completed a 7 day cleanse! It wasn’t the first cleanse I started but it was the first one I’ve finished. This cleanse consisted of only eating fruits, vegetables, and drinking water or 100% fruit juice.



At first I was like NO CARBS?!?, I don’t know about this! Throughout the cleanse I was like NO CARBS, I don’t know if I’m going to make it through this! I am rice, pasta, bread type of girl all the way. I also like meat and regularly consume it. The thought of. It being able to have hot wings on the weekend definitely left a bad taste in my mouth lol. There were moments where my will power was definitely tested. One very difficult decision came in the form of my dad calling me up and asking if I wanted some ox tails and rice. Do y’all know how HARD it was for me to say no?! It was snack dab in the middle of the cleanse and it was the ultimate test because I had actually been craving that exact meal the week before.

Despite the trials and tribulations I didn’t give in! I am so proud of myself for making it through this cleanse! The temptation and cravings dissipated as the week went on. If it wasn’t directly offered to me I didn’t really think twice about it. One exception to that was coffee. I really wanted some coffee some vanilla cream and a lil scoop of sugar; it’s perfection in a cup.

One of the meals bae made.

I wasn’t alone in this challenge either. My boyfriend was doing it with me and my IG friend @foxynaturally even joined in (her IG page is amazing so you should def check out asap). Being able to be held accountable, do check ins, and discuss the cravings and temptation made the process both easier and more enjoyable for me.

I started this challenge to see if I could actually do it and to jump start a healthier way of eating for myself. I regularly eat fruits and vegetables but clearly not enough. I am not giving up meat or carbs, but my goal is to significantly dial my consumption of them down. I’m not lying when I say I didn’t miss the meat or wish it was a part of any meal I made. I will say I missed/wished there were some carbs in some of them lol, and I will be recreating those meals with carbs in the future lol. As the week went on my energy level was improved, I was less bloated, slept great, and woke up feeling refreshed. There were less moments of fatigue throughout the day as well. No 3pm slump for me.

My new challenge is to work on looking and feeling great on the inside and out. Challenging yourself is a good thing. Testing your limits, and stepping out of your comfort zone is important for growth. No matter how small or big the challenge is. What will you challenge yourself with today? This month? This year?