Christmas 2017: Quick, Easy, & Budget Friendly Decor Options

Christmas 2017: Quick, Easy, & Budget Friendly Decor Options

I am hosting Christmas at my home for the 1st time this year! I have hosted Thanksgiving once before a few years ago but never Christmas. This year I decided to try my hand at decorating and planning in order to entertain and celebrate with my family. I have always loved looking at decorations and décor ideas, but rarely do I ever commit or have time or the funds to execute my plans (my taste can be a bit expensive at times). However, this year I decided to bite the bullet and do my best to make my home feel and look festive. I went with a few simple yet cute options here and there around my living space. I definitely didn’t want it to look like Christmas threw up on my living room.
I started first with my tree.

My trees are always artificial and has been since I was a child, due to my older sister having asthma yand allergies. I like the easy put up and take down of an artificial tree. My trees generally come pre-lit and have colored lights and I use an assortment of colors in terms of my decorations. This year I decided to do something different and go for a more cohesive look. I decided on the colors red and gold. I got 90 shatter proof ornaments for $19.99 from a new store that recently opened in my area called AtHome It is basically a warehouse for home décor and furniture. I got the bows, tree topper, candy canes, and tree skirt from Dollar Tree. Y’all better not sleep on the dollar store! They have some good finds at times and some name brand items as well! I purchased the ribbon from Michael’s. My mother and I both fell in love with the ribbon when we saw it. I was planning on getting gold ribbon but I couldn’t pass this one up, and I think it ties all the colors together perfectly. The ribbon was priced around 5 bucks. There are always sales going on and coupons that they give out at that store. Love it! If you haven’t been and like to DIY or craft, you should make a trip there.

I decorated my tree all by myself and it took me about 2 hours! The tree is 9ft tall and barely fitting in my house, as you can see. I literally had to climb on and off of a chair to place each ornament and ribbon at the top of the tree. It was my workout for the day for sure. Even though I had to do it alone it was actually fun and relaxing. I was getting to be creative, drink, jam out, and not be bothered by anyone. Didn’t even know I needed that (the universe provides you what you need even when you don’t know you need it), but I welcomed it.

My apartment isn’t huge and I didn’t want to take up a ton of space with decorations so I limited them to the tables. I made one for my coffee table and one for my dining table. I also decided to make my end table into a drink station. No bar, No problem! As you can see it was very simple and an easy solution for make use of all things when your in a tight space.

I also decided to update hanging a stocking with a more modern and adult twist. I came across these burlap bags at Michael’s, and I thought they were super cute. (The two sacks hanging in the above picture) I knew I was going to buy them but I didn’t know what I was going to do with them. Then I realized I could hang them for me and bae to have instead of stockings. I love hanging stockings and the tradition of it but it’s just the two of us and I knew we weren’t about to decorate any stockings. These were perfect, can serve the same function, are more complimentary to my look, and only cost $2.00 each! Can’t beat it.



For my coffee table I repurposed a bowl that was already there. To create this decoration I used garland that I got from the dollar tree. I cut it in half and just nestled it nicely into the bowl. The red lanterns, pine cones, and the cranberries were purchased at Michael’s. The lanterns were $3.00 a piece and the cranberries were $1.50 each. I purchased the candles from AtHome for $3.99. It was a 4-pack but I only needed two of them. It’s an easy and cute decor item that incorporates all of my colors. For my dining table I used the rest of the garland and cranberries I bought to make a cute floating candle center piece. The glass vases are from Dollar Tree and the candles are from AtHome and also were $3.99. I used four extra ornaments that didn’t make it in to the tree and nestled them in the garland for some added color.

I’ve ordered some bar stools and still have to pick up some place mats to finish it all off for Christmas dinner. I also bought scented candles that smell like Christmas! Pleasant scents always enhance an experience and mood. I am looking forward to spending Christmas with my family! I LOVE Christmas and the warmth and love I always feel during this time of year. I hope this post can serve as some inspiration and if not at the very least I hope it gets you to the Dollar Tree if you haven’t been yet! Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday!

PS…. Don’t forget to drink responsibly 😉