DIY Protein Hair Mask

DIY Protein Hair Mask

So I was doing some research online about protein treatments after seeing many posts about protein treatments online. Naturally I decide my hair needed a protein treatment right away lol. Plus I was rocking a 7 day old wash and go, so it was a good a time as any. So I decided to make a DIY one. The one I created was extremely simple and easy. My curls loved it!! Definitely will be doing this again.

There are only 3 simple ingredients.
Plain yogurt
Olive oil

I purchased the single yogurt cup because I’m currently doing a cleanse and can’t eat diary. So there was no sense in me buying a big container. Anyways, mix it all together in a bowl. I didn’t measure anything just eye-balled it! The one cup of yogurt was plenty to cover all of my hair. Once it was all mixed in a bowl, I warmed it up in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Applied it to my hair, covered it with a plastic cap, and let it sit for 1hr. I planned to rinse after 45 mins but I lost track of time getting some paperwork done for work.

I rinsed it out and then washed with a cream cleanser. The pics below are my hair after the rinse and cleansing and no additional products. My curls are defined and the pics don’t do it justice because GIRL they were shiny too! That treatment brought my hair back to life and was super cost effective. Wash day just got easier! Hit me up on my IG (@merelymish) and let me know if you decide to try it.

ps. The residue on my shirt is from the mask. I wasn’t about to change my shirt for these pics lol. Wash day is already enough work without adding to it lol.