How I Became a Dog Owner, Against My Will…

How I Became a Dog Owner, Against My Will…

So I want to share a quick story about how I ended up with THE most perfect pup; while kicking and screaming throughout the whole process. I had no issue with getting a dog at some point but I had preconceived notions about how a dog needed a yard and space to run around. I still believe that wholeheartedly and hope to have a yard of my own in the near future for my dog (Nori).  Anyway my rigidity and anxiety about getting a dog and having to care for a pet was causing lots of tension between me and my bf. He really wanted a dog and bad! Like at one point he talked about it nonstop. Then one day he called me and told me he found a dog at the shelter and he was bringing it home. Now y’all know I LOST it right?!? And when I say lost it I lost it! Made all types of threats, there was cursing, and some seething on my part.

All of which didn’t work and the dog came home that Monday. I gave in/ was forced to accept it. I’m stubborn and that coupled with my need to be in control and my anxiety cause me to be terribly rigid at times. I have to be pushed not so gently at times and bae knows that about me. This was one of those times. Once the dog was here there was nothing much else I could do but adapt. I made some rules that have since fallen to the wayside, such as no dog on the couch and her paws need to be wiped every time she comes back in the house. I am legit a germaphobe. Now I invite her up on the couch to watch TV and cuddle. I still vacuum and Lysol my couch weekly though (As I stated, I have issues), and she isn’t allowed upstairs where the bedrooms are.

I have completely fallen in love with Nori and can’t imagine life without her now. She’s a member of the family now and everyone loves her. This experience has shown me that all my anxiety and worry in this case was for nothing. Being a pet owner thus far has been more positive and easier than I ever imagined. I also think we just got very very lucky with Nori. She’s just pretty chill and relaxed most of the time. This experience also served as another example to remind me that I am not always in control. And that’s okay (sometimes) too.

Moral of the story is be open and push yourself to step outside of your comfort zone; or let someone not so gently push you. You might be pleasantly surprised. Being open is the only way to truly receive.

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