How To: Stay Consistent W/ Creating Content & Love On Yourself

How To: Stay Consistent W/ Creating Content & Love On Yourself

Creating quality content on a consistent basis can be DIFFICULT, and stressful, and time consuming! I know I’m not alone with this one either, right?! I mean I always have good intentions but even on my best days sometimes I have trouble getting it all done. Building a brand or business, being a content creator, blogger, etc. can be hectic at times. And at other times the well of creativity is all dried up. I find it difficult to find a balance. I work full time and I struggle to find time to write, film, photograph, edit, and post. However, when the stars align and I’m able to get it DONE, the feelings I’m rewarded with are amazing.

I feel accomplished and proud. I love crushing goals, no matter how small they are. Like I legit reward myself after I’ve done something as small as the dishes. I believe that all accomplishments should be acknowledged and met with an equal reward. But that’s a whole other blog post (coming soon). Below are some tips that I’ve found work for me when trying to stay consistent and motivated.

1. Create content that YOU love. Don’t create it because it seems to be “in” or with the idea of pleasing others. Create something that is genuine.
2. Plan ahead. Plan out a few ideas for blog posts or photo shoots ahead of time. About 3-5 posts worth. When your armed with ideas already you can utilize your time more efficiently.
3. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be realistic about the amount of times you are able to post or how many tutorials you can create in a week.
4. Have Fun!!! If you’re doing something you enjoy you are less likely to view it as work. Be silly, take a few risks, step out of that comfort zone and just be YOU! Because that’s who we want to see anyway.

5. Don’t worry about it being PERFECT! It doesn’t exist. Look at my eye shadow it ain’t perfect and it didn’t come out as planned but I’m not going to keep that from sharing these pics because I was serving face! In the past I would’ve but I’m starting to realize that I can’t nit pick at every little thing. These pics are so much more than smudged uneven eyeshadow. They are a memory created in an impromptu moment of time and why wouldn’t I want to share that?!


I was feeling kind of lackluster about doing a shoot, but once the equipment was set up and the makeup was done(tried to do something new/diff with the eyeshadow it kinda worked lol); I got excited. Then the music was playing and the fun began. These pics only took about 30 mins to shoot in my living room. That backdrop is my bed sheet. Everything but my upper half was ashy lol. I was wearing sweat pants while doing it and laughing in between shots with my Love.

Not bad for a Monday night. Point is, create the space and time, work with what you have, but most importantly keep it relaxed and fun! Happy Creating!