My Go To Styles

My Go To Styles

When it comes to styling my natural hair, I keeps it low maintenance and pretty basic. Mainly because low manipulation helps my hair to grow and stay healthy. On any given day I am rocking my hair either in a Wash N’ Go, Twist Out, or a Braid Out. My hair is currently too short for me to be about that “Bun Life, but no worries I’ll be at ponytail/bun length again soon enough. Below are pics of my hair in each of the styles. If you are newly natural or transitioning  these quick and easy styles are perfect for you to try and master. They also can last up to a week if you properly protect your hair at night. Satin anything is your best friend at night when it comes to protecting your curls and kinks. My twist outs and braids outs typically last 6 days and my wash N go’s last about 4 days. Feel free to comment and drop questions if you have them you can also check out some of my hair routines on my YouTube page (merelymish).

                   Wash N’ Go









2 thoughts on “My Go To Styles”

  • Wow!
    Soo amaizing, you have been inspiring me alot 💪💪➰➿..i swear i loove you soo much 😍😍😍😋
    And good job bcos of youn
    I have started my curly journey August this year but my hair isnt blaack its brownsh .. !😢😢..and does’nt attract at oll !i wanna dye it ..😊😊🤔🤔..Do you think this would be a good idea?!

    • Thank you, that is very sweet. Glad I could be of inspiration to you. Congrats on starting your natural hair journey! Dye can cause damage to your hair and make it more dry and brittle. I would suggest that you do you research and find a dye that is safe and won’t damage your curls. Also invest in products specifically for color treated hair to make sure your hair remains healthy and strong.