What’s Your End Game?

What’s Your End Game?

We are on social media trying to live our best lives, accomplishing goals, sharing and connecting. I see countless posts about growing and journeying, but what is your end goal? Have you stopped to think about and visualize what you are actually growing towards?
Everyone is striving for greatness and to be successful these days. Ask yourself what does success look like for you? What do you see when you visualize yourself in the future? What are you wearing? What does your hair look like? How is your home decorated?

The type of pop of color my future homes front door definitely has to have!

Get down to the details and really take note of what you want your future to look like for you. Define your end game. Then set goals that will bring you closer and closer to your end game (the ultimate goal).

My end game is to have my own private practice where I am serving the people of my community through therapy and hopefully empowering them so that they can empower others. Everyday when I go to work, I remind myself of what I’m working towards. When I’m clocking those hours and dealing with the nonsense, it brings me clarity and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m also actively practicing what I preach and making my self-care and wellness a priority in my life so that I don’t get burnt out and I can effectively manage my stress. I have numerous goals and small tasks that I keep track of and complete. Each completion bringing me closer to my career goals, fitness goals, and relationship goals.

Engaging in a fun and creative outlet like photo shoots for my blog are also an act of self care for me.

You have to know what your working towards in order to actually get there. If you haven’t asked yourself or haven’t taken some time to really think on it. Set aside some time to do so today. What are you working towards long term? What is your end game? If you already know share below in a comment.